Automatic Print Inspection using 4Sight Technology

AutoCoding’s 4Sight software, powered by SICK AppSpace, is a true industry breakthrough, using new and innovative methods for print inspection.  Utilising the latest vision technology from SICK, the 4Sight solution is a genuine first for automatic print inspection, even at high speeds.

4Sight benefits


4Sight communicates directly with the printing equipment and understands the intended message for printing.


4Sight’s automatic set-up means there is no requirement to “teach” the camera what to look for.  The software can automatically cope with variations in text location and track print accordingly.


Full flexibility allows users to define what is a “good read”, “bad read” and “poor read” on a per product basis.  Users can specify the relevant action to be taken for a predetermined number of “bad reads” or “poor reads”.

Further benefits


No requirement for operators to configure features or regions of interest or other product specific settings.


The 4Sight software is completely resident on the SICK camera. All processing is on-board the camera and no line-side PC is needed.


The 4Sight software operates seamlessly with AutoCoding, but can also be used as a standalone solution or connected to any code deployment system.

What people are saying about us

“We have enjoyed a longstanding business partnership with AutoCoding Systems, spanning many years. The ACS team have worked with us to develop a combination of software and engineering solutions that specifically meet our requirements in the areas of coding and packaging integrity, performance monitoring, vision and pallet labelling. We have found the systems robust and reliable, the people dependable and the technical support second to none.”

Refresco Ltd

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