Label verification

Label Verification

A label verification system is a great way of ensuring that products leave the factory in the correct packaging and with the correct label. But what’s the best approach to label verification?

Solve your label verification problems with AutoCoding

AutoCoding Systems are global specialists in code assurance, label verification and device automation across packaging lines.

Our software solutions improve accuracy, reliability and performance by integrating users, data, devices and existing information systems in and around the packaging area of your factory.

There are different approaches to implementing a label verification system. Unlike end-of-line vision, AutoCoding is more proactive. Inspecting the finished product at the end of the line means it’s often too late to fix any problems and the product may have to be scrapped, whereas inline scanning of barcodes prevents problems at the earliest possible opportunity.

As the coding equipment is automatically set up with information you know to be correct, you can rest assured the date code printed on the label is the right one. In addition, inline scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes ensures all products are labelled and packaged correctly.

In our free Guide to removing human error in the packaging hall, we explore the many and varied sources of human error, as well as some of the steps your business can take to reduce your exposure.

A guide to removing human error in the packaging hall