Global Partner Network

To serve our growing overseas customer base, we have strong working relationships with other hardware and software vendors worldwide

The AutoCoding solution must integrate with all types of packaging line equipment, as well as interface with a variety of factory automation systems.  We have, therefore, built up strong associations worldwide with all the major coding and labelling companies, together with packaging equipment and software providers.

By working with a network of partners we are able to create innovative and robust automation solutions; this involves detailed cooperation between all parties concerned. For this reason, we have a strong commitment to our partner businesses and we ensure that in all our dealings, our people and organisation stand by our key principles of partnership:

Technical excellence in all areas, including training
Team-based approach to problem solving
Commitment to long term relationships
Best in class after sales support and customer service

Strategic Partnerships

By consistently adopting this approach to business, we have established long and successful working relationships with some of the leading suppliers to FMCG manufacturing globally, including:

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

AutoCoding works with many of the leading coding, labelling and packaging machinery suppliers to provide a range of different solutions, adding value to their products and, in turn, to their customers.

Over the years we have built up an extensive library of device drivers.  With a dedicated driver development and testing team, the range of equipment we can integrate with is continually growing.  The more equipment we can connect to, the greater the opportunity for full factory automation. The flexible architecture of the AutoCoding solution lends itself to complete automation integration with packaging line equipment delivering benefits such as:

  • Centralised packaging line set-up and job changeover
  • Full packaging line monitoring
  • OEE improvement (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Full audit history of all events and actions on the line
  • Remote diagnostic capability

System Integrators

The benefits of an AutoCoding solution are now being appreciated further afield and we are continuing to expand into new regions and markets. By partnering with reputable Systems Integrators we are able to offer our overseas customers the same reliable and professional service our UK and Ireland customer base already enjoys.

Many of our global partners have already experienced the challenges and complexities associated with coding management and packaging verification, particularly within a food and beverage environment. However, when they work in partnership with AutoCoding Systems, they have access to our extensive library of device drivers which then simplifies the process of connecting and interfacing to different types of equipment. They can configure our standard product to meet their customers’ specific requirements bringing commercial benefits to all parties concerned through savings on project time.

Could you benefit from being ‘Powered by AutoCoding’?

AutoCoding’s software platform utilises a progressive and dynamic architecture, taking advantage of the newest technologies and techniques.  We work with HTML5, REST, JSON, JavaScript, NoSQL as well as the more traditional OPC, XML, Microsoft and the usual SQL based DBMS technologies.

For our own systems, building software around modular, service oriented architectures brings benefits in terms of performance, scalability and maintainability.  This approach can also bring benefits for Systems Integrators because it means that including AutoCoding software in your solution suite is not an all-or-nothing choice.

When we work with System Integrators as Partners, we are able to utilise sub-components of the AutoCoding platform; deploying those into your framework as required.  This typically involves exposing some of our internal technical interfaces via a REST API, database, OPC or some other communication technology.


What people are saying about us

“We are delighted to be working with AutoCoding Systems as one of their lead Systems Integrators in the US, with close proximity to the West Coast and Pacific Northwest. We believe that by combining the product expertise from both our companies we can deliver an immediate advantage in brand protection to our customers. The AutoCoding product focuses comprehensive and powerful functionality exclusively on the packaging line, which perfectly complements our broader enterprise control system capabilities and frequently used system architectures.”

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