Product Recall Prevention

Adopting an AutoCoding system as part of your product recall prevention strategy can help safeguard public health, reduce wastage, save money and protect the reputation of your business.

Prevent a product recall with AutoCoding

The AutoCoding solution automates the set-up of packaging line devices to avoid coding errors and, with the use of barcode scanning, verifies that the packaging is always correct for all products. The risk of product recalls due to coding, packaging or labeling errors is, therefore, greatly reduced.

One of the biggest barriers to compliance is human error on the packaging line, which can lead to mislabeling even when the manufacturer goes to great lengths to ensure the correct information is present and correct.

Packaging within product ranges often looks very similar and, when temporary promotions are brought into the mix, there’s an even greater risk of errors. Despite your best efforts, can you be 100% confident that rogue packaging has not made its way to the packaging line?

Our eBook A guide to removing human error from the packaging hall gives you more information on how to avoid product recalls and ensure packaging compliance with all the relevant standards. Download your free copy below.

Product recall prevention

A guide to removing human error in the packaging hall