Frequently Asked Questions

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My packaging line devices are quite old; will I have to replace these before I can consider having an AutoCoding system?

Not necessarily – as long as the line devices have some means of communication, for example, over Ethernet or RS232.

We use a variety of different label formats depending on the product being packed. How would the system deal with these different label lay-outs?

The AutoCoding software has the ability to use multiple coding profiles covering different label layouts.

Are there any factory systems that you don’t integrate to at the moment?

We have the ability to integrate to any factory system as long as the system has the ability to export a data file.

What happens if one of the devices linked to the coding management system is faulty, for example a barcode scanner – does this mean the packaging line can’t run?

Someone with the appropriate authority can raise a concession to override the faulty barcode scanner and the packaging line can then continue to run. Manual checks should, of course, then be carried out until the barcode scanner is back in operation.

What if we want to interrupt a production order to run an urgent order? Does the system allow for this type of flexibility?

Interrupting an existing running production order is possible, with the relevant permission. The current job can be stopped and an alternative job selected. Because the line devices are set up automatically from the line terminal, the changeover to the urgent job can be done seamlessly. Of course, it would be imperative to check that all packaging from the previous job had been removed from the line before the new job is started.

What happens if you don’t already have drivers to control my equipment? Do we have to pay for the driver development?

If we don’t have a suitable driver to control your equipment, we would consider whether it is beneficial to include it in our library of driver software. As a rule of thumb, we don’t charge for driver development for standard coding equipment.

Can you integrate with downstream packaging line devices such as flowwrapper, shrinkwrappers?

Yes we can – we collaborate with many of the major packaging machinery manufacturers to ensure we can integrate to as many devices as possible.

What savings on downtime can be made by installing an AutoCoding Management system?

The answer to this question would be different for every factory. Firstly, you have to understand the value of a minute within your business and secondly you have to quantify the amount of downtime experienced for product changeovers, device set-up etc – only then can a realistic cost saving be estimated.

What is the average ROI after installing a coding management system on one line?

As above, this is a difficult question to categorically answer – but on average we expect ROI to be between 12-18 months on one line.

Can you integrate with all types of coding and marking technologies, such as hot wax, laser, and thermal transfer?

We can integrate with all types of coding and marking technologies, as long as the devices have some form of communication port.

Does the implementation of a coding management system slow down the line?

No, the implementation of a coding management system would have no impact on the speed of the line. It would, however, reduce the set-up and changeover times on the line.

Can ingredients and the presence of allergens be included in the scope of the AutoCoding management system?

Yes, the system can be customized to meet your specific requirements. On the products interface of Database Administrator there is the facility to record all information relating to a particular product, including variables which could incorporate ingredients and allergens.

If we have an AutoCoding management system, will we be able to discontinue our manual paper quality checks?

Quality checks can be incorporated into the line set-up process by way of a series of simple prompts on the line terminal. Many paper checks can therefore be discontinued, if required.

Where would AutoCoding fit within my existing factory systems?

AutoCoding essentially fills the gap which often exists between a factory’s ERP system and its Warehouse and Logistics system, ie in the classical MES space.

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