Working with us

At AutoCoding Systems, we believe that work should be fun, challenging and rewarding

Over the last 10 years the AutoCoding Systems’ team has enjoyed significant growth with numbers increasing from 4 to 48 in a relatively short space of time. Our strategy has been, and continues to be, to build a sustainable, stable and profitable business, not only in the UK and Ireland, but across the world.

To do this we only recruit the best people, in terms of qualifications, attitude and personality. We spend considerable time, energy and resource to find exceptional people; people who will stay with us and, with our help, fulfil their potential and ambitions.

Our work environment

We believe to get the best out of our employees, we should provide a pleasant, modern and fit-for-purpose work environment. We have created practical, flexible and attractive work areas depending on the type of work involved.

Sales and marketing share a light, airy open plan work space where ideas and opinions can be shared. The software development team enjoy a quieter environment, more conducive to problem solving and writing code. In contrast, the technical office is a livelier environment with our Helpdesk team dealing with a variety of telephone calls, as well as testing new releases of the software.

Our beautifully refurbished kitchen and lounge area is a place where colleagues can meet for lunch or relax with a coffee from our fresh bean coffee maker – choose from Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte Macchiato or Americano.


All in all, we feel we have created a sense of community amongst our colleagues, enabling collaboration and creativity with the opportunity for quiet reflection when required.

Social events

As the company grows, we feel it’s important to keep all departments up-to-date with our achievements and future plans. Every quarter we therefore hold a Team Brief where everyone is updated on sales growth, new orders, new product development and future strategy. This is followed by a night out in a local restaurant where we enjoy extremely good food, wine and beer, usually all in excess, accompanied by unlimited amounts of friendly banter.

We aim to hold a team building event at least once a year where we all have the opportunity to mix with colleagues from other departments, whether competing in a three-legged race, participating in a game of rounders or offering some encouraging words on a high rope obstacle course.

The social events are of paramount importance to the success of the company; they consolidate our belief that success comes from us all pulling together as a team in order to achieve the same common goals.

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What our colleagues say

The highlight for me is watching the company grow, watching the product evolve and developing new processes to improve the way we do things; we’re always progressing.

Darrell Watts

Systems Integration Team Manager

AutoCoding Systems has encouraged and supported my professional development enabling me to work towards an ACCA qualification. I have been trusted with more responsibility and, as a result, my role has become more varied, challenging and rewarding.

Danielle Worley

Finance Manager

AutoCoding is a rewarding place to work with interesting technical challenges and a great company culture.

Jim Tupper

Software Development Manager

ACS is a great workplace because the employees realize that success is built by supporting their co-workers at all levels, in all situations. This creates a strong, productive team that is unbelievably dedicated to the quality of our products and services.
Sam Vail

US Director of Operations