On the 20th and 21st of June, Mike Hughes, Managing Director of AutoCoding Systems, will join the C-suite and leading executives in the packaging management industry at the latest premium AmericaPack Summit. Organised by Marcus Evans Group, a global multifaceted media, corporate marketing and information company, the Chicago-based event is designed to foster industry relationships.


Over the course of the event, a range of packaging related insights will be presented by leading service and retail organisations such as Mars Wrigley, Tyson Foods, Nestlé, Amazon, etc. Interactive sessions will be organised focusing on topics relevant to the packaging industry including packaging design, packaging and labelling compliance, smart packaging technologies, consumer experience and sustainable packaging design and processes. Guests at the invitation-only event will be able to forge new working relationships as they network with experts in the field.



Packaging promotional challenges


Mike Hughes will be joining the event at a time when there has been an increase in both demand and promotional activity within the food and drink industry. Earlier this year, both Walmart and Target announced promotions and price cuts on thousands¹ of their items, targeting consumers whose wallets have been tightened by years of rising inflation and interest rates. As consumers focus on shopping more carefully for essentials, manufacturers and producers need to work on what this means and how best to serve them while minimising any challenges on the packaging front line.


Mike Hughes, who has worked in the industry for over twenty years said:


“Increased packaging tactics caused by the economic environment are creating real challenges on the packaging line for manufacturers. The complexity of managing packaging change and speed to market is heightened when the Food and Drug Administration is also considering adding health warnings to food packaging to promote healthy eating.  This means that manufacturing control needs to adapt to new regulations and be able to pivot to meet the demands of their marketing, branding and operational departments. It’s important to recognise that many factories still rely on migrant labour to staff their packing lines and food manufacturing operations. However, in times of stress, such labour-dependent systems are prone to human error, potentially leading to safety recalls.”


“As a software solutions company, AutoCoding Systems can remove these pressures and eliminate human error. The AutoCoding system helps control, monitor and execute recipe deployment by automating the set-up and control of end-of-line packaging equipment. Our mission in the US is to raise awareness that these proven solutions exist. I am especially delighted to be joining this event in Chicago as it is both the home for AutoCoding Systems in the USA, as well of course our parent company, JBT.  JBT is a major global player in food manufacturing technologies and as an organisation is committed to fortifying the food industry’s supply chain.”



Control solutions for the packaging line


AutoCoding provides a workflow-based solution for setting up all packaging line devices, regardless of vendor or technology.  This ensure lines are error-proofed and minimises job changeover times.  In addition, AutoCoding has 4Sight, an in-line print inspection solution for code quality. The system integrates seamlessly with AutoCoding’s control of line printers, ensuring only the correct code is ever printed. Our Label Verification solution offering includes label inspection and can help companies comply with required labelling requirements, including allergen labelling. Our proven Product Recall Prevention solutions have been installed on over 1800 packaging lines worldwide.



Mike Hughes will be based at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel Chicago from 18th to 21st June 2024. If you would like an introductory discussion on how to prevent packaging errors, maintain production reliability and improve consumer safety, please contact us by email: [email protected]





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