From farming to processing and transportation, all aspects of the supply chain will assess digital approaches to overcome key industry challenges. In a fast-moving supply chain, fruit manufacturers need to know where their fruit is coming from, when it was farmed, and subsequent processes which may need automated package verification to reduce risk and liability.

Padraig Finn, AutoCoding’s UK and European Sales Director says, “Fresh producer packing is not easy. Dealing with short product runs, various packaging formats and variable consumer information adds complexity. Details such as grower information, fruit varieties and country of origin are bespoke to the fruit industry which further increases the risk of potential packaging errors. Acknowledging these challenges, AutoCoding works with fresh producer packers to automate these processes. We provide the security to ensure that packaging and variable information is always correct, removing the need for manual checks. In addition to automation coding and packaging verification, AutoCoding provides the ability to drive centralised recipe control to other devices on the product line. Proseal tray sealers, inspection devices, case and crate labelling are of such examples, reducing the change over time and instilling confidence that all devices are aligned and optimised throughout the production run. We ensure that ultimately consumers get what they paid for and in a prime state to protect reputational branding. We are excited to have the opportunity at Fruit Focus to engage with producers along with our sister company Proseal. Together, we can address these complexities and elevate the automation journey for our clients.”

The Fruit Focus exhibition event is held on Wednesday 12th July in Kent. AutoCoding Systems will join its sister company Proseal, the leading provider of packaging solutions for the fresh produce industry on stand 514.

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AutoCoding and Proseal are part of the JBT Corporation family, a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing industry, committed to providing a service that surpasses customer expectations.


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