Combination Inspections using 4Sight Technology

AutoCoding Systems will be at the 2022 UKIVA Machine Vision Conference in Milton Keynes where they will invite visitors to learn more about the unique benefits of 4Sight – their new automatic product inspection solution.

Following the success of the automatic print inspection solution, 4Sight has now been further developed to include enhanced functionality and additional types of inspection.

Using SICK’s Programmable Inspector P cameras, AutoCoding’s 4Sight software can now run different multiple inspections on one capture without the need for an expensive line-side PC. This allows the system to inspect detailed information such as date code and batch information, as well as complex artwork within a single, easy-to-use platform.  The software has recently been granted a UK Patent which recognises the innovative methodology used for inspecting printed codes, differentiating it from other print inspection solutions.

As well as automatic print inspection which checks the presence, legibility and location of printed information, 4Sight can simultaneously inspect 1D/2D barcodes for packaging verification offering greater versatility and flexibility.  Additionally, the edge matching feature allows artwork comparisons to be carried out against a reference image to verify the packaging artwork is correct.  The function “Classify” can be used for checking the quality of actual products, for example toppings on biscuits/pies, by comparing image histograms against reference images and selecting the best match. 3D Dimensioning uses the SICK Inspector P 3D camera to inspect the quality and size of packaging against reference points.  All these inspections, without a vision system, would be done manually which is time consuming and often unreliable.

The software offers users the flexibility to decide what level of inspection they require and the ability to configure the application accordingly.  It can be used standalone, printer-led or integrated with a code deployment system, such as AutoCoding.

AutoCoding Systems’ Vision Specialist and Project Manager, Chris Sharples, will be delivering a presentation to delegates explaining how 4Sight’s innovative methodology and inspection depth feature are utilised in the solution and how these methods compare with conventional vision techniques.