AutoCoding Systems has recently agreed a partnership with SICK AG to promote and sell its AutoCoding product to its customers via the global network of SICK Sales and Service subsidiaries.

AutoCoding Systems has been a close partner of SICK for over ten years and has successfully integrated its own software solutions with SICK’s extensive range of sensor, barcode reading and vision products.¬† To date, AutoCoding and SICK have many hundreds of installations, including many global customers in the UK, US, Australia and Asia.

The partnership will see SICK offer its customers an integrated solution combining its own products with the strengths and flexibility of the AutoCoding software platform.

AutoCoding can bring solutions value in a number of key areas including;

  • Production accuracy and efficiency
  • Quality control
  • Gathering, reporting and visualising critical information, either for compliance or continuous improvement

This is done by integrating factory devices and equipment, including SICK products, in 4 areas identified as the four Is; Initiation, Inspection, Identification and Interrogation.

  • Initiation : automated set-up of intelligent devices and sensors at the start of the run
  • Identification¬†: positive verification that the correct components of a finished product are being used at all times, eg by barcode scanning
  • Inspection : measuring the consistency of the production process, eg with vision or smart measuring sensor technologies
  • Interrogation : using Industry 4.0 capabilities to record information from devices and sensors and then analysing and visualising the data to yield valuable information
Jeff Walker - SICK Australia with Mike Hughes - ACS

Jeff Walker – SICK Australia with Mike Hughes – ACS