Unique Coding

This application can operate in a variety of ways and can be configured to customer requirements. Unique, random, non-predictive codes can be auto-generated by the AutoCoding system or sent directly to the system from an external source.

Unique Coding benefits


Unique codes are delivered directly to the printers on the packaging line via an IT network – no requirement for SD cards or USB memory sticks


Unique codes can be generated in a variety of ways giving greater flexibility. The system can, therefore, be adapted according to customer requirements


Full audit log of deployed codes is created giving full traceability on when and where codes are printed

Further benefits


Proven ability to deliver codes at high speed to multiple devices and, because of AutoCoding’s extensive partner relationships, the solution works with all well-known coder brands and technologies


Can be used for on-pack promotions with links to a dedicated consumer website via a third party marketing company

What people are saying about us

“Prior to the AutoCoding system being implemented, all the devices on the packaging lines were set up manually leaving us vulnerable to human error. The AutoCoding system has given us peace of mind; with over 300 different products and in excess of 200 label versions, we need to be 100% confident that the correct label is applied with the correct coding information.” Scotbeef

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