AutoCoding Systems Ltd, specialist in packaging line automation, will be demonstrating their world class code assurance and packaging verification solution at this year’s Auspack exhibition – Stand 450.

As well as avoiding the risk of product recalls due to coding or packaging errors, the AutoCoding solution reduces downtime and job changeover time significantly by removing the requirement to manually set-up packaging line equipment.  Information relating to all products, customers and packaging line devices is stored in a central database.  Selecting a production order and setting up the packaging line is quick and easy with all the relevant data automatically deployed to the line devices with minimal human involvement.  Operators can be sure that the right code will be printed every time; packaging line equipment is set up reliably and the risk of human error is negligible.

As a further precaution, continuous in-line scanning of the packaging using 1D and 2D barcode scanners verify that the packaging is not only correct for the product, but that the most up-to-date artwork version is being used; particularly important if you run promotions or have very similar packaging formats.

For greater integration of packaging line devices with existing MES systems, AutoCoding Systems have recently developed the AutoCoding Gateway, details of which will be available at Auspack.  This latest innovation gives users the ability to deploy data from existing information systems, connecting and integrating packaging line devices and business platforms via universal standardized technologies.

Your AutoCoding solution can be accessed from any web-enabled device, such as a Smartphone or tablet, giving you remote access to your production lines and with comprehensive line reports and a 100% audit log, you’ll have full traceability of all packaging line events.

The AutoCoding solution can be used to set-up all types of printing equipment, scanners, checkweighers and metal detectors and can be extended to include outercase printers and pallet labellers.  AutoCoding Systems has a rich library of device drivers ensuring that the solution can be used to set-up and control most brands of equipment.  With the addition of the AutoCoding Gateway, integration to external data systems, such as ERP, SCADA etc is easily accessible.

Auspack visitors will be able to see demonstrations of the software automatically setting up Videojet and Domino inkjet equipment, SICK barcode scanners and a Loma checkweigher/metal detector, together with the latest version of the Loma TRACS Reporting Tool which monitors the performance of Loma/Lock checkweighers and metal detectors.