Off-line Print Room

When packaging is printed away from the packaging line, there is an increased risk of errors. The incorrect packaging could be issued to the line, the wrong date code could be printed on the packaging or, at the end of the job, surplus pre-printed packaging could be inadvertently used for another job run.

Off-line Print Room gives greater control over the printing and issuing of pre-printed packaging, labels or stickers to the correct packaging line.

Offline Print Room benefits


Ensures off-line coded materials are correctly printed and delivered to the right location


Provides a unique traceability PIN which can be keyed in at the line to ensure the correct sleeves, labels, stickers etc are used on the correct packaging line


Provides a stock, storage, issue and returns system for all line packaging

Further benefits


Provides an auditable control system whereby pre-printed materials are booked out of the Print Room and unused pre-printed packaging is returned to the Print Room ensuring that surplus packaging is not mistakenly used for another job


Ensures expensive packaging is counted out, waste is reduced and surplus, pre-printed packaging is accounted for giving greater control and reduced costs

What people are saying about us

We have successfully worked with AutoCoding Systems since 2003 implementing their coding management system across all our lines. The system has proved to be reliable throughout this time, giving us the confidence to increase the scope into other areas.

Meeting the needs of a variety of customers has often resulted in a requirement for differing software functionality and the AutoCoding team has always risen to the challenge. We consider AutoCoding Systems to be valued partner to our business.

Gary Davies

Engineering Manager, Rowan Foods

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