We have solutions for all levels of vision; ranging from relatively simple ink detection through to “smart” cameras for more advanced applications such as detection of code presence/location and alphanumeric text recognition (OCR – Optical Character Recognition). This is a modular application to manage challenges such as poor date code quality, incorrect location of code, poor pack presentation, varying pack sizes, presence of promotional labelling and artwork variations.

Vision benefits


The AutoCoding vision controller can be used to set up a simple vision camera to detect the presence of printed codes, barcodes and promotional labels ensuring all products are marked and labelled accurately


By monitoring the aesthetic quality and location of codes, orientation of promotional labels and the presence of unique text or graphics on the primary packaging itself, the appearance of products is maintained at a high standard


More sophisticated 3D vision solutions can be used for bespoke applications such as checking for the presence of straws on drinks cartons or the presence of chocolates in a box, ensuring products leave the premises in perfect condition

Further benefits


Two way communication between the vision system and the AutoCoding line terminal guarantees a full audit trail giving full traceability


Our longstanding and extensive relationships with OEMs means you have a wide choice of hardware at your disposal from various manufacturers dependent on application requirements and budget


The level of tolerance allowed by the vision system can be managed according to customer requirements – you decide the parameters in which the vision system operates

What people are saying about us

“We have enjoyed a longstanding business partnership with AutoCoding Systems, spanning many years. The ACS team have worked with us to develop a combination of software and engineering solutions that specifically meet our requirements in the areas of coding and packaging integrity, performance monitoring, vision and pallet labelling. We have found the systems robust and reliable, the people dependable and the technical support second to none.”

Refresco Gerber Ltd

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