AutoCoding Systems is one of SICK UK’s largest System Integrators in commercial goods. If you consider that the AutoCoding solution is installed on over 600 packaging lines in food and beverage factories throughout the UK and Ireland, with each line having at least one SICK barcode scanner on each, SICK understandably values AutoCoding Systems’ business partnership and is keen to extend this across other countries and markets.

The past 10 years has seen the relationship grow, both commercially and technically, in the UK and across Europe and this is now extending internationally to North America, Australia and Asia.

AutoCoding Systems’ coding and packaging verification solutions utilise a variety of SICK products to meet the challenges of a range of applications. SICK’s range of CLV6xx and Lector scanners are used for 1D and 2D barcode scanning to check retail barcodes, backweb label barcodes and packaging artwork barcodes. Additionally, AutoCoding Systems has a number of vision installations incorporating SICK ICR inspectors and IVC 3D cameras.

With the increasing complexity of packaging types and the rising frequency of artwork changes and promotional offers, it is becoming more important to manufacturers to reduce, if not eliminate, any opportunity for error in relation to coding and packaging of products, particularly where mistakes can result in a risk to health. By implementing AutoCoding Systems’ software solution, integrated with SICK’s extensive product range, manufacturers can be sure of the integrity of their products.

As well as setting up SICK scanners, inspectors and cameras, AutoCoding’s advanced coding management software is designed to control and manage a wide range of different packaging line devices including inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printers, labellers, print & apply units, checkweighers and metal-detectors, irrespective of equipment manufacturer. By automatically managing the set-up of all the devices, not only is the opportunity for date coding errors greatly reduced, but the downtime experienced in product changeovers is kept to a minimum. Additional modules offer enhanced functionality including paperless quality checks to reduce the need for paper records, automatic capture of real-time manufacturing data to provide accurate machine performance information and flexible solutions for in-line inspection. The full solution includes dynamic control of packaging line behaviour ensuring that the packaging line stops in the event of too many wrong or no reads from the SICK scanners or a device malfunction is detected.

AutoCoding Systems and SICK UK have worked on numerous projects together to achieve the most effective solution for the customer. A major bakery manufacturer has AutoCoding installed across 18 of their lines controlling inkjet printers and SICK scanners. The factory uses multiple packaging and to avoid errors and ensure the correct artwork versions are used, the AutoCoding solution manages 1D and 2D scanning to verify all packaging types including film, labels, skillets, base card inserts, flow wrap card slippers, sleeves and menu cards.

Whilst training on AutoCoding’s solutions is underway with SICK in Australia, Asia and the US, AutoCoding Systems are continuing to work with SICK UK to identify target markets where AutoCoding Systems’ solutions, using SICK products, can solve both basic and complex applications to deliver measurable results.