Loma Reporting Tools

TRACS (Trending-Reporting-Analysis-Capture-Software) has been designed to monitor the performance of multiple Loma checkweighers and metal detectors. The real-time data analysis tool was developed for Loma Systems to enable them to offer their customers improved operational control and easy-access to compliance reports. Although developed for Loma equipment, the tool can be easily adapted for other brands of weighing and inspection equipment.

Reporting Tool benefits


Real-time data means that inefficiencies can be identified and addressed quickly rather than waiting for historical data


Information relating to contaminant detection rates, weight and overfill records can be compiled quickly allowing corrective action to be taken


Operators can adjust production processes quickly to keep product giveaway to a minimum ensuring unit weight targets are achieved

Further benefits


The cost of product giveaway can be recorded and tracked against performance targets


Trending of production throughput across the whole factory highlights efficiency opportunities


Live data is available anytime, anywhere via a web browser

What people are saying about us

“Loma are very pleased to partner with AutoCoding Systems and have worked in a collaborative manner to develop our Loma TRACS product. This provides our customers with an easy-to-use, web-based reporting tool for our current range of metal detectors and checkweighers showing key performance indicators, including compliance reports and giveaway weights.”

Loma Systems

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